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Join us for a day dedicated to helping you achieve balance of mind, body and soul, starting with a 75 minute yoga practice.


Balance! It’s one of those words with so many meanings and applications in our lives. Constantly sought, hard fought, but rarely maintained. “Finding your balance” can be applied to every aspect of your life, your mind, your emotions, your work, your relationships, your diet, your body, and yes, your yoga practice.

Is your life in need of more balance? Do you find yourself challenged by lack of time or opportunity to balance the things most important to you (your health, wellness and peace of mind?

Join us on May 19th for our Balance Mi workshop, our second International Healthy Happy Mi event for women in Milan.

We’ll be starting our workshop on the Yoga mat with a full 75-minute practice focused on both mental and physical balance. We’ll move from the mat to matters of body image and balancing dietary intake, discovering together how we can work towards feeling comfortable in our own skin. Every “body” is quite literally different and how we each find our individual balance varies. We’ll share key coaching techniques and nutritional know-how to help you on your own specific path.

From there we’ll move on to the kitchen where we’ll discover all kinds of ways to balance your meals. With practical tips and whole-food demonstrations you’ll leave feeling enthusiastic and empowered to make balanced eating part of your everyday toolkit.

We’ll finish our event with a workshop on balancing our past, present and future selves and the expectations (realistic or unrealistic) that we place on ourselves.

Balance Mi is the perfect workshop for any woman looking to reset, re-balance and recharge.

Balance Mi will take place on Sunday May 19th, 2019 from 9:30am to 2pm and will include a  75 minute Yoga session and a healthy whole food lunch.  Dress comfortably and bring your own mats and towels and a change of clothing if you wish.

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