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HolisticNiss runs whole food cooking classes and organizes holistic wellness & nutrition events with other like minded wellness professionals. Upcoming classes, workshops and events are listed below.

To enquire about private (individual or small group) workshops, seminars or presentations, click here.

Upcoming Classes, Workshops & Events


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Private Workshops

HolisticNiss offers private workshops for individuals and small groups upon request. Below is a list of the most requested workshops to give you an idea of what can be done. If you have an idea that you’d like to explore, send a message to

Natural Nutrition Consultations

Improve your knowledge of whole food ingredients and cooking techniques with a private in-home consultation during which you’ll learn to prepare nutritionally balanced recipes based on your dietary and taste preferences, level of experience in the kitchen and budget.

Pamper yourself silly workshop

We’ll discuss the importance of a whole food diet and why using natural beauty products is essential to a healthy lifestyle. We’ll prepare and enjoy nutritious snacks and DIY beauty treatments while enjoying the company of like minded women. This is a 3 hour workshop and is suitable for small groups of women.

Holistic Nutrition & wellness for Kids

It’s never too early to instill good habits. Children are like sponges and the more you teach the more they learn. In these workshops, children will learn about nutrition and wellness in a fun and interactive way.

They’ll explore the world of whole foods, and will learn about mindfulness and kindness through story readings and workshop activities (a combination of colouring, preparing snacks, yoga lesson, etc…).

Seminars & Presentations

Learn about the fundamentals of natural nutrition and the importance of a whole food diet to support a healthy lifestyle. We’ll discuss what it means to eat mindfully and intuitively, why you should stop dieting how you can learn to listen to your body, with or without a food demo.

If you’d like to book a private individual or group workshop, contact for booking inquiries.

Looking for one on one support?

HolisticNiss offers holistic nutrition and wellness coaching. Schedule a complementary 30 minute consultation to learn more about how coaching can help you achieve your goals.

Past Classes, Workshops & Events