One on One Consultations & Follow Up Health Coaching

Eat well & find balance. I’ll show you how with a personalized one on one holistic nutrition consultation.

If you’re looking to make changes to your diet and lifestyle and don’t know where to start, I can help you. I will give you the personalized guidance you need to eat well and live a more balanced life so you can feel amazing inside and out, at your own pace and on your own terms.

Consultations & Coaching Sessions take place via Skype, What’s App Video or Telephone. Face to face appointments may be arranged upon request and based on availability.



HolisticNiss Consultation

We will work together to determine your needs, establish your goals and develop actionable steps to guide you on your wellness journey.

What you will get:

  • One 60 minute HolisticNiss Consultation to determine your needs and establish our goals for working together.

  • Personalized Actionable Steps to help you meet your goals.

  • One 30 minute Follow-up Coaching Session to review progress, answer questions and determine next steps (takes place 2 weeks after the initial consultation).

  • Four Weeks of Coaching by telephone and/or email to encourage and motivate you and answer your questions as they arise.

  • The HolisticNiss Meal Planning & Preparation Guide to help you organize your kitchen and plan your weekly meals.

  • The HolisticNiss Feel Amazing Inside & Out Workbook with worksheets and homework assignments to help you keep track of your goals and progress.

  • Membership to The HolisticNiss Community where you will receive my periodic newsletter with updates and exclusive offers like my Free Nourish Live Pamper Guide: How to eat well & live a more balanced life in 9 doable steps.

As we work together, you’ll learn:

  • to nourish your body right based on the principles of natural nutrition;

  • to eat mindfully and intuitively by tuning in to your body’s unique needs;

  • to stock your pantry and refrigerator with wholesome nutritious foods that will take the guess work out of meal preparation;

  • new cooking methods and meal planning techniques that will simplify your life;

  • to prepare your favourite foods in alternative ways, whether you have allergies, an intolerance, or simply want to eliminate/reduce your consumption of certain foods;

  • to prepare food from scratch, even without a recipe;

  • the importance of the mind body spirit connection for overall well being;

  • tips and tricks to manage stress and take care of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically so you can live your best life and pamper yourself silly.




Follow-Up Coaching Session

For continued and long term support, I offer follow-up coaching sessions to existing clients.

What you will get:

  • One 60 minute Coaching Session to check your progress, answer questions and address new and/or outstanding issues since our initial consultation.

  • We will evaluate whether it’s necessary to continue working on the same goal or if it’s best to move on and set a new one. This varies from one individual to another and depends on the progress you’ve made since our initial consultation.

  • Four weeks of coaching by telephone and/or email to encourage and motivate you and answer your questions as they arise.

The first follow up takes place 4 to 6 weeks after our initial consultation. The number of follow-ups depends on your goals and needs.


If you have any questions or concerns, write to