Tahini Hemp Bites

Ricetta in italiano in fondo

Tahini Hemp Bites (DSC_1224)

I created these snack balls in the thick of my nursing days when I was hungry all the time and needed something to keep me going between meals and give me an energy boost throughout the day. They’re small in size, easy to pop in your mouth with one hand while holding a baby in the other, and they’re big on flavour and satiety factor. They taste like candy and have an addictive quality to them, but they're packed with only the good stuff that mama nature has to offer.

What’s in them and why?

Medjool Dates For Natural Sweetness

While dates are high in sugar, they make a great substitute for refined sugar, as they come packaged with a host of vitamins, minerals and fiber. A study measuring the glycemic indices of diabetic individuals after the consumption of dates did not show significant increases in blood glucose levels indicating that dates may be safe for diabetics as part of a healthy well balanced diet (1).

Almond Meal & Hemp Hearts For Protein & Healthy Fats

Almond meal (ground almonds) and hemp hearts are an excellent source of protein and healthy fats, which help slow glucose absorption and improve satiety. Hemp hearts are also an excellent source of Essential Fatty Acids.

Maca For An Energy Boost

Maca has been shown to be an energy booster, among it’s many other benefits. Its also lends to that caramel candy like flavour in these little treats.

Tahini For General Awesomeness

I don’t feel like I need to justify the presence of tahini in anything, but apart from it’s delicious nuttiness, it’s one of the best sources of calcium among many other minerals, protein and healthy fats.

Raw Vegan Gluten Free Sugar Free Tahini Hemp Snack Bites

Tahini Hemp Bites

Servings: 9 balls Time: 5 minutes Difficulty: Easy


4 Soft Medjool Dates, pitted

2 Tbsp Tahini

2 Tbsp Hemp Seeds

2 Tbsp Almond Meal

1 Tsp Maca Powder (optional but adds a nice caramel like flavour).


Process all ingredients on high speed until a sticky crumbly mixture forms.

Roll into bite sized balls, store in the refrigerator and enjoy to your hearts content

Notes on substitutions

This recipe makes a small batch but feel free to double or triple the recipe to make more. If heaven forbid you are not a tahini lover (shame on you, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore), any runny nut butter will do. Not a fan of dates, I bet soft dried figs would work nicely here, but I haven't tried that out yet in this recipe. Allergic to almonds, any other nut meal (aka finely ground nuts) will do. I haven't tried a nut free version but if you give it a whirl please do share in the comments below.

palline di tahin e canapa

Porzioni: 9 palline Tempo: 5 minuti Difficoltà: Facile


4 datteri medjool, denocciolate

2 Cucchiai di Tahini

2 Cucchiai di Semi di Canapa

2 Cucchiai di Farina di Mandorle

1 cucchiaino di Maca in polvere (facoltativo, però altamente consigliato)


Frullare tutti gli ingredienti in un mixer ad alta velocità fino a quando si forma un impasto friabile ma appiccicoso.

Formare le palline e conservare in frigorifero.

Nota sulle sostituzioni

Questa ricetta fa solo 9 palline ma puoi tranquillamente raddoppiare la ricetta per farne di più. Se non sei un amante del tahini (vergognati), qualsiasi crema di frutta secca può andare bene. Se non ti piaccioni i datteri, i fichi secchi,sarebbero buoni qui, ma non l’ho ancora provati in questa ricetta. Se sei allergica alle mandorle, qualsiasi altra farina di frutta a guscio o semi può andare bene. Non ho provato una versione nut free, ma se la provi, condividila nei commenti qui sotto.

Make these, snap a photo, share it on Instagram and hashtag it #holisticniss #nourishlivepamper so I can find you.

xo Nissrine

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